Expert Proofreading & Editing in Davis, CA

From drafts to brilliance: Editing that elevates your voice.

Delivering accuracy and precision to your words, one sentence at a time. Sifting through your written words to bring them a little closer to perfection.

Types of Documents


Journal Articles

Ensure your journal article is free of grammatical errors before it’s reviewed by your academic peers.


Academic Essays

Regardless of the academic field, don’t suffer the embarrassment of submitting an academic essay with spelling errors.


Dissertation Proposals

A poorly written and formatted dissertation proposal is more likely to get rejected.


Thesis / Dissertations

A dissertation is a document that is too important to be riddled with grammar mistakes.


Manuscripts / Screenplays

Don’t let errors in spelling ruin a good plot line and turn your scripts into a punchline.


Personal Documents

Whatever the matter, even personal documents should be written correctly and in a consistent format.


Professional Documents

Punctuation errors and poor sentence structures will send potential investors running scared.


Scientific Articles

Don’t let common mistakes in grammar and spelling be what sinks your hypothesis.

Editing Services

Eliminate errors from your writing so its true meaning can be conveyed.

The job of a professional editor is to remove sentence structure and language errors that can at best, detract from what you are communicating and at worst bring your ideas and conclusions into question.

Editing a book

“I found a great many pieces of punctuation and typography lying around dormant when I came along — and I must say I had a good time using them.” ―Tom Wolfe


What Clients Are Saying

“I had an excellent experience. I needed my thesis edited in a short timeframe and she was able to get it back to me before our agreed upon deadline! Also, she responded to emails quickly and gave wonderful, thorough feedback/edits. My thesis reads much nicer now! The work she does for the price she charges is a steal! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a professional editor :)”

Jordyn S.

“Ann proofread, checked for grammar mistakes, etc., on a number of marketing and business documents. I had really tight deadlines and she worked with amazing speed and alacrity. She's smart and has a clear and artfully compressed writing style. I intend to keep her :-)”

James R.

"Ann quickly responded to my request, quoted the work, and sent a contract. She delivered the edited manuscript for my business book well in advance of our agreed deadline. I'm very pleased and would use her services again."

Michael P.

"I needed someone to edit and proofread my conference submission at the last minute and Ann was able to do the job quickly and give me helpful comments and edits! I plan to keep Ann in mind for future work. Thank you! "

Maria C.