About Me

I'm Dr. Ann Hedrick. I help you deliver accurate, clear, error-free writing.

Dr. Ann Hedrick

I am an author and professor with extensive editing and proofreading experience. I’ve edited dissertations, novels, screenplays, non-fiction and fiction books, etc. As an author, I know how difficult it can be to just get your ideas down on paper. I understand how valuable it can be to have a pair of fresh eyes review how your ideas are presented and communicated. I can do this for you. I’m familiar with popular formatting styles including Chicago, MLA, and APA. I work quickly and have decades of experience both as a writer and an editor. I like to let my reviews speak for my work. Feel free to read what my customers have been saying.

Copy Editing

“Choosing whether or not to insert a comma is the same as choosing whether or not to buy a house.” ― Chloe Thurlow

Types of Documents


Journal Articles

Ensure your journal article is free of grammatical errors before it’s reviewed by your academic peers.


Academic Essays

Regardless of the academic field, don’t suffer the embarrassment of submitting an academic essay with spelling errors.


Dissertation Proposals

A poorly written and formatted dissertation proposal is more likely to get rejected.


Thesis / Dissertations

A dissertation is a document that is too important to be riddled with grammar mistakes.


Manuscripts / Screenplays

Don’t let errors in spelling ruin a good plot line and turn your scripts into a punchline.


Personal Documents

Whatever the matter, even personal documents should be written correctly and in a consistent format.


Professional Documents

Punctuation errors and poor sentence structures will send potential investors running scared.


Scientific Articles

Don’t let common mistakes in grammar and spelling be what sinks your hypothesis.