Proofreading & Editing Services

We all want to be able to convey our ideas clearly.

The best writing, the kind you see in books, academic journals, scientific papers, books, screenplays, etc. is a team effort. It’s difficult to write clearly, succinctly, and precisely. So writers routinely work with copy editors and proofreaders to perfect their work.

“No matter that you have a PhD and have read all of Henry James twice. If you still persist in writing, “Good food at it’s best,” you deserve to be struck by lightning, hacked up on the spot and buried in an unmarked grave.”

Lynne Truss

Types of Documents


Journal Articles

Ensure your journal article is free of grammatical errors before it’s reviewed by your academic peers.


Academic Essays

Regardless of the academic field, don’t suffer the embarrassment of submitting an academic essay with spelling errors.


Dissertation Proposals

A poorly written and formatted dissertation proposal is more likely to get rejected.


Thesis / Dissertations

A dissertation is a document that is too important to be riddled with grammar mistakes.


Manuscripts / Screenplays

Don’t let errors in spelling ruin a good plot line and turn your scripts into a punchline.


Personal Documents

Whatever the matter, even personal documents should be written correctly and in a consistent format.


Professional Documents

Punctuation errors and poor sentence structures will send potential investors running scared.


Scientific Articles

Don’t let common mistakes in grammar and spelling be what sinks your hypothesis.

Main Services


Copy Editing

There are two main types of copyediting, substantive and mechanical, and it’s important to understand the differences. Substantive editing entails making large structural changes to the document as a whole and is less concerned with details. That is not the type of service I provide.

I focus on mechanical editing which encompasses both copy editing and proofreading. The focus is on the final details and polish to really make your document stand out and shine. During the copy-editing service we’ll be working together through:

  • Corrections to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Adjusting sentences for clarity
  • Addressing inconsistencies in tone, formatting, style, etc.
  • Optimizing word choice
  • Ensuring the document adheres to the chosen style guide or publishing requirements


Proofreading services entail putting the final touches on a writing piece. This generally occurs after a document has been through the copy-editing phase. It is an essential part of the writing process to ensure that the quality is at its best, there are no lingering mistakes, and that spelling and grammar are perfect. These errors may seem like details, but will impact legibility and enough of them can even call into question the credibility of the document. Proofreading ensures your document meets the high standards your readers deserve.

During the proofreading service we’ll be working together through:

  • Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization errors
  • Formatting and font issues
  • Inconsistencies in the document relating to any of the above


What Clients Are Saying

“Ann was thorough and helped me meet a quick deadline with my dissertation. I was appreciative that she caught all the little APA mistakes that I had overlooked. I would highly recommend Ann for editing.”

Leanne F.

“Ann did a great job editing my fiction suspense novel... Even after having some software problems on my end she corrected and did a very good detailed job. I have no complaints and would not hesitate utilizing her services again.”

Joseph D.

"My experience with Crickedit was great! I would suggest everyone use this service. The work was great and finished before the date I was given!"

Roy H.

"Ann Hedrick edited my 39 pages of text quickly. She fixed my errors. Thank you so much. I will send all my editing work to her."

Laurie L.